Ford creates “Calendario da Saudade” to help truck drivers and their families.

By on Friday, November 25, 2016

It might even look a bit silly at first, however this is very touching one, but it does require some proper contextualization.

First, translating the name “Calendário da Saudade”, I couldn’t find a proper translation for it so I kept it as such, as there’s not an exact word in the English language that would fit. Locals even sometimes mistakenly pride themselves that “Saudade” is an untranslatable word, they are probably correct when we’re talking about English, however that’s incorrect for other languages, where just as powerful translation can be found in Mandarin for example. This blog is written in English, so here’s the definition you need if you google “Saudade”.

Second, this was a stunt created for the Brazilian market, as such geographical context is also important, and I must remind you that we’re talking about a continental sized country, 5th largest of the world, where the railroad system was never fully developed, so the shipping of goods throughout the country are largely done by truck drivers through highways, sometimes driving for several days to reach their destinations and the same long drive to return to their homes.

The idea is to value the moment of arrival at home, of the truckers, who spend a lot of time on the roads, away from their families, for such Ford is providing drivers and their families with these calendars.

The “Calendario da Saudade” (Saudade Calendar) itself is a little cardboard truck, but it does more than show the days. Through a GPS device installed in the real truck, the calendar begins to honk and blink the headlights when the vehicle is less than 1 km from home, thus telling the family that the driver is returning. The piece has 12 cards that must be placed in the “windshield” of the calendar, informing the months. When making the next mechanical inspection, the trucker will receive a refill of cards, with the months of the new year.

“Ford creates the best trucks so that the driver can carry any load with comfort and safety, but we know the weight that his absence has for the family. So we have decided to create a different desk calendar, using technology to help those who love the Truck driver the most, “says Vico Benevides, GTB’s executive creative director.

A video was produced to describe how the work from these truck drivers affect them and their families, and how a little thing like this calendar can help them:

Source: Ford Caminhões / Clube de Criação / B9

Involved Agency: GTB Brasil


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