Walkers opens up crisp sandwich club to promote new range

By on Friday, September 9, 2016

Walkers has launched a new variety of flavours in partnership with Heinz and what better way to promote this new range than to open up a specialist crisp sandwich shop?

The Walkers Crisp Sarnie Club in Tooley Street, London, will be open from Thursday to Saturday for the next three weeks. Tickets cost £3 each and the first week is already booked up, with 300 sold yesterday alone!

Expect to see a resident maître d’, large crisp packs and a giant fake sandwich (for photos obviously) at the crisp club,

Walkers marketing director Thomas Barkholt said: “Here at Walkers we know that the sandwich is a national institution and universally loved, just like our crisps. The Walkers Crisp Sarnie Club is a place for like-minded people to go and celebrate a true hero amongst food.”

The sandwich flavoured crisps PR campaign for Walkers also includes social media, with a sponsored campaign. Twitter accounts such as the very popular ‘Very British Problems’ has been tweeting about the range.

(Source: PR Week)

Agency involved: DeVries Slam

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