Dolmio releases funny video showing children oblivious to their family members being swapped

By on Thursday, September 8, 2016

In a world surrounded constantly by technology, it’s hard to claw back quality time without a phone, tablet or other device nearby. In modern households, this proves especially tricky; now it’s not only the adults who are tech-savvy, it’s the children too, and often from a very early age.

We’ve probably all seen youngsters in restaurants, fixated on an app or video while waiting for their meals to arrive, and it seems this is also happening at dinner tables at home. As part of their ‘look up’ experiment, Dolmio have released a hilarious video showing everything from paintings to siblings being replaced in the immediate surroundings of children playing on their tablets.

Once everything is in place, the actors press the Dolmio Pepper Hacker™ to turn the off the WiFi and focus the attention of the children back in the room, who are now faced with total strangers at their dinner table. (The real families are only in the next room!)

Cue a lot of confusion, giggles and ultimate sighs of relief when the children find their way back to their families.

This is a great campaign to reinforce the value of family meal times and how important it is to put your devices away and spend undisturbed time with your loved ones.

Involved agencies: Clemenger BBDO Sydney and London sister agency AMV BBDO

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