International Alert host its third conflict cafe

By on Tuesday, August 16, 2016

International Alert will be hosting its third Conflict Cafe this September. The event will take place from the 22nd September to the 2nd October, in the underground tunnels of House of Vans London. The cafe will be exploring the cuisines of Lebanon and Sri Lanka, in the hope to raise awareness of the current conflict and civil unrest being experienced in those countries.

International Alert hopes that by inviting diners to feast on traditional Lebanese and Sri Lankan dishes together, it will highlight how the power of food can break down barriers and get people socialising.

Throughout the meal, diners will also learn about the current issues in Lebanon and Sri Lanka, from Alert Experts and the chef. Although this is a simple event, I think it will be very effective because it gives people the opportunity to engage with a charity, on a deeper aka tastier level.

(Source: Event Magazine)

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