Gotta catch them all – takeaways, that is!

By on Monday, August 8, 2016

The incredible success of the augmented reality app, Pokemon Go added $5.7 billion to the share price of Nintendo and rekindled childhood fantasies of men and women all over the world. The app has already become the most downloaded app in the US and seen the screen of more mobile phones than Twitter nonetheless.

Whilst Pokemon Go has given bedroom-bound teenagers a reason to go outside, the app has also been incredibly exciting for brands. McDonald’s Japan is the first brand to secure a partnership which will see the chain of restaurants become ‘PokeStops’ allowing customers to battle each other. The news has been so well received by investors, McDonald’s share price hit a fifteen year high.

Pokémon Go finally goes live in Japan with McDonald’s the first sponsored location

So how has the PR world reacted to the latest smartphone craze? Let’s take a look at two PR low-key but effective stunts that caught our eye in July.

Hungry House Image

Hungry House drove customers to share their Pokemon finds to win a £25 delivery. The email campaign was simple and effective: rewarding consumers by getting them to engage on social by taking pictures of their takeaways.

Hand & Spear Pub

Bars and restaurants have been realising their potential and luring customers into the premises to collect characters. A  fantastic example of reactive PR is The Hand & Spear pub in Weybridge who hosted a Pokemon lure party. The social media strategy has been dominated by images of pub-goers catching Pokemon’s over their dinner and the pub also offered a competition to win a bar tab as part of the promotion. Again, this was a twitter-led activity allowing would-be customers/Pokemon addicts the chance to find the latest Pokemon’s.

If you haven’t had a chance to play (or don’t care enough to download it) but would like to know what all the fuss is about you can read an article by PC Advisor: Complete guide to Pokémon GO.

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