Fetch create giant dog bowl to educate pet owners on hydration

By on Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that your furry little friends are in fact living and breathing beings, not just really cute teddy bear cuddle machines. OK that’s an exaggeration (of course I know dogs etc. are alive), BUT I think you’d be surprised how often pet owners forget to keep their pet’s water bowl topped up. Fetch, the online pet store from Ocado, has created ‘the world’s largest dog bowl’ (not sure if this is actually true), in a bid to educate pet owners on the importance of keeping their dogs hydrated this summer.

The bowl is at a Fetch On Tour event in Kennington Park, which kicked off today and will be there until the 16th July. Like most dog bowls it will be filled with water, allowing your pooches to go and have a swim in the sunshine.

Fetch employees will be on hand to provide dog owners with expert advice and guidance for their pets, particularly around keeping them hydrated during the summer months.

(Source: Event Magazine)

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