São Bernardo Plaza Shopping welcomes you to ‘The Empty Shop’.

By on Monday, June 6, 2016

When winter comes, it’s not uncommon to find clothing donation boxes in places like the malls, supermarkets or pharmacys. The São Bernardo Plaza Shopping mall decided to take their winter clothing donation campaign further by the creating “The Empty Shop”.


Strategically located at the heart of the mall, “The Empty Shop” has empty hangers, empty racks and shelves, also naked mannequins, and not clothing being sold. Here, the operation is the opposite: who walks through its doors does not leave with a new acquisition, but enters and leaves clothes.The clothing, shoes and accessories donated by the mall’s customers and visitors are forwarded to various NGOs.

The store window include key messages: “You have wardrobe with a lot of clothes – We have empty hangers”.



The São Bernardo Plaza Shopping has always been engaged in social causes and we are extremely happy to bring the Winter Clothing Donation Campaign for the city of São Bernardo do Campo into our mall. The whole project is a reversal of the consumption dynamics and now we want our customers to join in this cause by bringing shopping bags with clothes for donations to NGOs supported by the project, “said Tulio Cyrillo, the mall’s CMO.

Source: São Bernado Plaza, Hypeness and Veja SP

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