Nivea creates ‘Sunslide’ to get kids wearing sun protection

By on Thursday, June 2, 2016

Nivea have always championed that we should take care of our skin. Last summer they created a doll to encourage kids to protect themselves (see here), and now this summer they’ve come up with a more practical and fun solution.

The Sunslide is exactly what is sounds like – a giant slide that sprays factor 50+ extra water-resistant NIVEA Kids sunscreen on to children as they go down it.

The slide was tried out on a popular beach in South Africa, and judging by the promotional video, it was a huge success and protected over 100 kids per hour.

Children have fun and parents can relax in the notion that their little loved ones aren’t being scorched, win-win! They should put one on every beach.

(Agency involved: FCB)


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