BandSports create the “Anti-Rival Vaccine”.

By on Friday, June 10, 2016

Personally, as someone who doesn’t really follow football or teams sports at all (other than watching Curling or Hockey during Winter Olympic Games), this stunt seemed a bit too cheeky, but it was curious enough to deserve a post.

The local sport channel Band Sports decided to play upon fears from local parents. During a period of the H1N1 virus spree in the state of Sao Paulo, the company provided a creative way to stimulate parents to immunize their kids for it, for free and trying to make the process of getting vaccinated more pleasant for both parent and child.

The H1N1 vaccines provided for the children were also labeled with the shields from the 4 major local football teams in the state: Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos and Sao Paulo. Playing with the fears from parents who are football fanatics, biggest fear being their offspring supporting the rival team. The “Anti-Rival Vaccine”:  In the same way that the vaccine would make the child immune against H1N1 virus, also packed within the Anti-Rival Vaccine, is making the kid immune for supporting the main rival team chosen by the parent.

How it worked? If the parent is a supporter of Corinthians, they would choose one of the other 3 rooms to let the kid be vaccinated, the chosen room would contain the respective labeled vaccines, with the goal of helping the kid be immune from ever rooting for the chosen rival. There’s an adorable moment registered in the video below, where the boy is in getting immunized for Sao Paulo, and screaming Corinthians while receiving the shot.

Now parents can have the free mind of having their kids immune against both H1N1 and the rival team of heart.

Involved Agency: Ogilvy Brasil

Source: AdNews


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