Krispy Kreme ‘leaks’ internal memo to announce new Nutella filled doughnut

By on Friday, May 6, 2016

An email from the ‘Chief Marketing Officer’ at Krispy Kreme addressed to Store Managers, detailed confidential information about the new limited edition Nutella filled doughnut that would soon be coming to stores. Emailed to those on the company’s mailing list, but addressed to the ‘Store Manager’, it outlined a staff briefing for Krispy Kreme colleagues, advising them that they need to prepare for extreme fans as the hysteria this new product could cause includes fainting, dribbling and over-excitement.

To ensure the secrecy was kept around the new launch, stores would receive pallets of Nutella jars, dropped into the stores in the middle of the night in preparation for the launch.

The cheeky ‘confidential internal memo’ stressed that the information in the email was not to be shared via any form of social media, or discussed with guests in-store.

Naturally, this lead to fans storming Twitter and social media to express their delight with the new product, which arrives for a limited time from 27th May.

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