Paddy Power offer snooker star £61k for a ‘perfect break’ – after turning down £10k

By on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Slightly less in-your-face than a standard Paddy Power stunt this, but nonetheless, demonstrating an appreciation for sentiment in response to a story only snooker fans might otherwise be aware of.

In short – and I’ve had to read up around this to understand it – snooker player Ronnie ‘The Rocket’ O’Sullivan complained about the £10,000 prize for scoring 147 (a ‘perfect break’ – explained here for the uninitiated among us) at the Welsh Open.

O’Sullivan, who’s achieved more perfect breaks than any other, was on course for a 147 yesterday, but decided to score 146 instead in protest at the money on offer, saying a 147 was a massive achievement and worth more. The 147 prize pot goes up £5,000 every tournament it isn’t won, standing at ‘only’ £10,000 because Neil Robertson managed it at the UK Championship in December.

Bookies Paddy Power stepped in with this tweet, offering a precise £61,000 – the significance of which, I’m not quite sure:

O’Sullivan responded, saying he’d give more than the original prize to a charity of Paddy Power’s choice should he make the 147 – directly answering critics claiming that his decision was disrespectful, as he could have simply given the money to a charity:

Source: Mirror Online

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