Samsung UK predicts what the future ‘will look like in 100 years’

By on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Samsung has recently launched a new product, SmartThings.

To briefly explain the service, SmartThings allows you to remotely control your home electrics, for example if you wanted to turn your heating or lights on whilst you’re away from your property, SmartThings allows you to do so using your mobile. Could come in handy if you wanted to prank your family or partner.

Samsung created a multi-platform campaign to raise awareness of its new product to the British public. They came up with the ‘SmartThings future living report’.

A bunch of industry experts, scientists and PhotoShoppers were employed to envision what the future would look like in 100 years and how it would change our lifestyle. They then created a video explaining these changes alongside some futuristic images:

Such advancements include colonising other planets, flying drones replacing cars, underwater cities and super skyscrapers.

The campaign’s been widely picked up, gained more than 100 pieces of coverage across print, online and broadcast, according to the below case study write-up.

Involved agency: Taylor Herring

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