Kwik Fit host classes to get you Fit Kwik

By on Monday, January 4, 2016

When it comes to New Years resolutions, losing ones spare tyre has had the monopoly for years and years, rivalled only by maybe quitting smoking or learning a new skill.

Even so, huge numbers of the population consider January 1st as the perfect day to start getting shape and Kwik Fit have pounced on this by offering fitness classes for those looking to lose their spare tyre (HUGE pun intended).

Featuring an exercise regime devised by personal trainer Mikah Simpson using car and van tyres, Kwik Fit are actually holding classes at their New Kent Road centre every Sunday throughout January .

The whole thing is being branded Fit Kwik and customers can register online.

Here is the promotional video from Kwik Fit:


PR campaign by Taylor Herring


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