Deadpool, the soft, gentle romantic comedy, perfect for first dates this Valentines Day

By on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Marvel’s latest offering is Deadpool, a violent antihero with accelerated healing abilities and a sharp tongue portrayed by Ryan Reynolds.

Like all Marvel films before it, this film promises to be loud, fast and over the top, very much appealing to the teenage boy market.

All Marvel films tend to perform well at the box office but this time the studio had another trick up it’s sleeve to not only get young men to come watch the film, but their girlfriends too.

There is no denying that leading man Reynolds is a handsome guy. There is also no denying that he has done his fair share of awful rom-coms in his career. Marvel have made the most of this and released a series of ambiguous, softly lit, rom-com esque posters, featuring Reynolds and co-star Morena Baccarin hugging and smiling with the caption ‘Love Never Dies’.

It won’t be until the tickets have been bought, the lights have dimmed and the predictable fast paced opening scene is blasting out of the speakers that young ladies hoping to see the next PS I Love you will realise they’ve been conned.

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