Commuters opting for the stairs are greeted by live band playing Rocky theme tune

By on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Warner Brothers have done it again! To promote its new film and Rocky sequel, Creed (out on January 15th), the film production company commissioned a brass band to greet commuters at the Chancery Lane Underground station in London with the Rocky theme tune.

Creed poster

However the iconic music didn’t just greet any old commuter. Oh no. You had to be a commuter who challenged the stairs instead of taking the easy escalator option, in true Rocky style.

Along with the music, commuters were also cheered on and enthusiastically greeted by people dressed in training gear (boxing-style grey tracksuits with headbands). Many high fives were dished out.

The video fills you with pure joy and makes you want to take the stairs more often just so you can relive that iconic scene from Rocky. Serious feel good vibes.

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