Cadbury’s pop-up peace offering after changing the Creme Egg recipe

By on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Recently, Cadbury has taken a bit of a media battering for changing the recipe of their beloved Creme Egg. It is not just the media that is unimpressed, the public don’t like the change either with sales dropping.

In an attempt to demonstrate that their new eggs aren’t all that bad, Cadbury are setting up a Creme Egg pop up shop on Greek Street Soho for 7 weeks starting on January 22nd.

Everyone has had Creme Egg fantasy’s. Mine was a Creme Egg the size of an actual Easter egg that I could eat with a spoon and although that isn’t on the menu nearly everything else is.

Creme Egg toasty, Creme Egg with soldiers, Creme Eggs and strawberries. You imagine it they’ll probably do it and you can either sit in or take out. You can genuinely book tables here.

Even better than all of that there will be what is being described as an ‘interactive ball pool’. Now, I’m not sure if that’s just a hole full of Creme Eggs that you are encouraged to roll around in but I sure hope it is.



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