Tim Minchin stars in orchestral digital charity campaign with a twist

By on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

(The beautiful man that is) Australian musician, actor, comedian and writer Tim Minchin has partnered with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in an interesting digital campaign to raise awareness of the symptoms of motor neurone disease (MND).

Minchin MND

‘The Fading Symphony’ features Minchin and the orchestra in a recording of Neil Finn’s hit ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’.

Just over a minute into performing ‘Don’t Dream it’s Over’, Minchin and the orchestra fall abruptly silent as if they were affected by MND. The video has had more than 300,000 views in the first 24 hours with, according to the agency behind it, ‘zero paid media’.

In a campaign twist I’ve not seen before, viewers are then asked to donate a minimum of $5 at thefadingsymphony.com to MND Australia, after which they are rewarded with the orchestra performing the rest of the song.


Filmed at the City Recital Hall in Sydney, Minchin, the SSO and all creative and production partners gave their time free of charge, while Crowded House frontman Neil Finn gave special permission for ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ to be used.

Involved agency: Poem Group

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