Spooky Victorian dolls spotted in London to promote Derren Brown’s theme park attraction

By on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Two life-size Victorian style dolls have been spotted spooking commuters to promote the world’s first psychological theme park attraction at Thorpe Park, created by (literally one of my favourite people in the entire world) Derren Brown, which opens in spring 2016. 23382288272_df8e7b3217_z

The 4ft 7” tall ‘living dolls’ had a wander around London during rush hour this morning, handing out cryptic clues for the attraction in the form of pin badges which feature a mysterious ‘track-like’ logo.

The dolls are part of a week-long ‘walk and spook’ plan which will see the dolls visit other high-footfall areas in the capital.


A team of tailors spent three weeks creating the white Victorian corsets and accompanying masks, concealing the faces of two 10 year old sisters. The dolls are, according to Thorpe Park’s divisional director Mike Vallis, a ‘clue’ as to the actual content of the attraction, adding to the (lack of) information currently at mindswanted.co.uk.

Here’s a quick video just uploaded showing the dolls and the reaction to them:

Involved agency: Taylor Herring

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