Brewdog offer Trump and in turn the rest of the world a christmas present

By on Monday, December 14, 2015

With his radical views and even more radical hair Donald Trump is the perfect person for a company to use for a PR stunt and Brewdog have done just that.

In a post on their blog, co-founder James Watt offered Mr Trump (and the free world) a gift, of two shares of the company.

“I am making the gift of two Equity for Punks shares to you with a single aim in mind – that it will spark a desire in you to get back into business (locking yourself in your office, if necessary).”

Not only is the story relevant but also a handy link at the top of the blog about how people can buy shares in BrewDog themselves makes this fun, very simple, easy to pull off stunt quite clever.

Brewdog Trump


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