‘Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank’ now a reality in world’s most niche PR campaign

By on Thursday, August 20, 2015

OK, so this is actually one of my favourite campaigns in recent years.

18 years ago, this scene was aired, on I’m Alan Partidge, Alan pitches a number of – frankly, excellent – TV programme ideas to BBC Chief Commissioning Editor Tony Hayers (played by David Schneider).

Here are said ideas, including one – ‘Youth Hostelling with [ex-world champion British boxer and eccentric lisper] Chris Eubank’, pasted as a quick Vine below:

In a nod, almost two decades later and after somebody tweeted the perplexed boxer with this:

Eubank has teamed up with hostel comparison site Hostelworld to create one of the world’s most niche PR campaigns. Great work from Hostelworld and creative agency Lucky Generals in making this happen so quickly.

With coverage on the likes of the Mirror, the Metro and the Independent, I give to you, the trailer of Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank:

Now, it might be a bit much to expect this to be more than just a one-laugh thing, but, Monkey Tennis? There’s an idea somebody needs to pick up and run with.

Credit: thanks very much to Dan Flanagan of Don’t Believe the Hype for sending this my way

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