Stupid installations reminds people not to drink and drive.

By on Saturday, August 29, 2015


Sagatiba wanted to remind everyone that you shouldn’t mix drinking and driving, thus the origin of the campaign titled “Saga Estúpida” (aka Stupid Saga), launched on August 13th.

Three different installations were created for three different bars in different parts of the city of Sao Paulo, Brasil including a turned upside down urinal – the stupid urinal, a set of stair that went to nowhere – the stupid stairs, and a faucet with no sink – the stupid sink.

The main concept is to humorously remind the public that if these things are stupid, the act of drinking and driving is even more stupid.

Sagatiba is a cachaça – a distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice very common in Brazil – that goes wonderfully with any mix, except one; alcohol and driving. With the Stupid Saga campaign, we want to irreverently draw consumers’ attention to this important issue.”  says Marina Santos, CMO from Gruppo Campari, that owns the Sagatiba brand.

Involved Agency: FCB Brasil

Source: Adnews


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