#alittlememory campaign raising money for charity supporting children not expected to reach adulthood

By on Friday, July 10, 2015

PR campaigns aren’t just for big brands, although it’s obviously the big brands with the ability to shout the loudest.

It’s nice then to be able to shine a light on printing firm Solopress, which is asking social media users to upload a photo of their favourite memory to raise funds for Little Haven’s Care in Meadowland, Essex – which, heartbreakingly, raises money for youngsters who aren’t expected to reach adulthood and as such, won’t get the chance to make memories for as long as the rest of us (BLOODY ONIONS).

solopress little haven

Every time a memory is uploaded to Twitter using the hashtag #alittlememory Solopress will donate £1 to Little Havens Care (more about this here).

The charity assists children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions with symptom control, end-of-life care and also respite breaks for parents:

It isn’t flashy, but it’s taking what most of us do daily – sharing moments – and doing good with it.

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