Footballer Jimmy Bullard strips to promote Carling Shirt Amnesty campaign

By on Thursday, June 25, 2015

Well… this is terrifying.

Ex Premier League footballer Jimmy Bullard has teamed up with Carling to give football supporters throughout the UK the opportunity to swap their shirt with the name of a recently sold player on the back, for a new one.

In a photo sure to give most right-minded people nightmares – and as such, making GREAT tabloid/social media fodder – Bullard has recreated this iconic image from the movie American Beauty, in which Mena Suvari led on a bed of roses.

It sort of relates, doesn’t it? Sort of? Close enough, I reckon.


Carling will be traveling around cities with its ‘Shirt Amnesty van’ from 1st July. According to this on the Daily Star, when the van stops in a city, fans can turn up and swap their shirt for free.

Credit: thank you very much to Cake Group’s Lizzy Pollott for tweeting with this. I think.

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