Absolutely brilliant! A revenge stunt that fooled us all

By on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

revenge car

A newly divorced man who appeared to turn bitter in an act of revenge against his cheating wife turned out to be a brilliant PR stunt by German Legal Information company.

The man recorded himself using power tools to saw all their possessions in half and then popped the items that included half a mobile phone, television and car onto eBay.

The video titles “For Laura” has racked up more than 6 million views on YouTube – The opening words translate as: “Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful’ years Laura !!!!! You’ve really earned half, greetings to my successor.”

The story has spread like wild fire across the internet and international media including the London Metro, Mashable and Fox News.

The stunt can be accredited to Deutsche Anwaltauskunft, an information portal for the German Bar Association. The lawyers’ group fessed up on their website saying both the husband and his story was fake. “The idea behind it was to humorously point to a problem that is not only relevant in Germany: Too few married couples take precautions for the case of a possible separation – for example with a marriage contract. The event of divorce then often ends in bitter fights under which not only cars and furniture suffer but especially the affected couples and their children.”

Apparently, the items do really exist on eBay, and will be auctioned off, with proceeds donated to charity.

Source: BBC

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