Poopy Cat founder cycles 300 miles to launch ‘poop-up’ shop with 2 cats

By on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dutch company Poopy Cat, known for creating sustainable cat products, has created a ‘poop-up’ shop in the heart of London. The store, which closes today, has been selling biodegradable litter boxes and cardboard playhouse blocks for the first time to British customers.


Poopy Cat founder Thomas Vles cycled more than 300 miles from Amsterdam to London with his two cats in a custom-made Kittymobile that had been specially converted from a traditional Dutch bicycle to launch the brand to Brits.


Here’s a video put together of the campaign:

The two cats – Mushi and Cheesy, fresh from their turns in the Poopy Cat Dolls with breakthrough single ‘Do You Want my Purr Purr’ (racking up quarter of a million views…!) – have joined the entrepreneur on the red carpet as they arrive to open the poop-up store.

Poopy Cat recently secured global media attention with more than a million  views for its video of a regular day at the office (which you can watch below). Although animals at the office sounds like a great idea, I can’t see many managers leaping at the chance to have dozens of poopy cats waltzing around.

Involved Agency:  The Wern

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