SMS Company Shows What Happens When You Don’t Bother To Text

By on Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Text messaging is something that we all take for granted but – in their latest PR campaign – SMS company Text Local wanted to show what happens when we don’t take texting seriously.

The NHS is something which has been covered extensively in the news, with stories about budgetary concerns and worries about closing hospitals usually taking prominence on the front pages. However, Text Local came up with a novel solution which could save the NHS a massive £162 million every year – just through the power of text messaging.

According to research published by the organisation, the figure mentioned above is the amount of money the NHS loses due to missed appointments annually, caused by staff wages, longer waiting times, prepping vital equipment, and wasted productivity.

Presenting their findings in infographic format, Text Local stated that this could cover such things as:

  • 655,870 ambulance call-outs
  • 981,818 MRI scans
  • 28,173 hip replacements
  • 17,052,631 pairs of crutches
  • 230 years of intensive care treatment

As interesting as these findings are, the organisation reminded readers that SMS messaging could solve the problem, using their own case studies to demonstrate how personalised texting had helped healthcare facilities in the past conserve money.

Their research is making waves among the healthcare community and is certainly helping to show how something as small as text messaging can make such a big difference.

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