British Gas create an interactive, self heating bus shelter in Manchester

By on Tuesday, March 3, 2015

British Gas smart energy brand Hive recently created a unique bus shelter that heats up commuters when they tweet #TweetToHeat

The Hive #TweettoHeat shelter uses Accurate Instant Response to heat up

The Manchester Piccadilly Station bus shelter offers commuters a place to keep warm while they wait for buses, trams and trains.

According to Hive’s tweets, the heater lasts for a 90 second blast, reminding users ‘how, with Hive, you’ll never have to heat an empty home’.

Users can instantly heat the shelter by tweeting with the hashtag #TweetToHeat. The stunt is part of an ongoing Manchester takeover campaign by Hive Active Heating, highlighting its aim of bringing technology to life and allowing consumers to control heating and hot water from anywhere with their phone.

Involved Agency: CHI&Partners

Source: Marketing

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