Alexandra leads the pack to name the royal baby

By on Monday, March 23, 2015

Brits love a good bet, never more so when it comes from animals helping us to predict the future.

Ladbrokes have launched their own animal oracle predictions for the naming of the royal baby, with expectations of record breaking bets on the name and the sex of the royal baby, which is due to arrive in April.

The stunt named ‘The Barkingham Palace Gold Cup’ was staged in London’s Bedford Square featuring 10 royal babies…..or corgis as they are often known, racing against each other to predict which of the names would be chosen. Five of the runners taking part were male and five female, with each corgi given a name in the running for the forthcoming royal baby

Alexandra was the name of the dog that took the gold in the race and is currently running third in the betting, while Camilla won silver and Victoria got bronze. Spencer was the first boy to the finish line, followed by James and Boris.

Although the corgi named Elizabeth finished last in the Barkingham Palace Gold Cup, the name is currently favourite should the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a girl.

While no one is sure what the Duchess of Cambridge’s new baby will be named, i’m pretty sure it won’t be named Gary…. or will it?



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