When Brainstorms Fall On Their “Ass”

By on Friday, October 17, 2014

There are certain brainstorms that we’d all love to be a part of. Being present when “that” idea emerges and watching it develop into something truly defining.

BUT there are others that we’d just want to see where a train of thought came from and why an idea was allowed to grow – Well this easily joins this category.

I imagine it went like this…

CLIENT: “We’re an adventure company, offering thrill seeking holiday-makers the chance to paraglide over the Mediterranean”

AGENCY: “Ok great, well how do feel about Donkeys”

CLIENT: “Donkeys?!!”

AGENCY: “Yeah, we feel to best amplify your message and show off the amazing services you provide, we put a Donkey on the end of a parachute”

CLIENT: “We love it. Make it happen.”

It did.



Few things missing in their train of thought;

  1. Why a Donkey?
  2. Any issues of animal cruelty?
  3. Why a Donkey


BUT, massive props to The Sun for saving that Donkey’s “ass”.


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