London Black Cabbies freely promote UBER

By on Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In what can be considered an unintentional PR stunt, UBER is now, at the time of writing, a trending topic on Twitter, and one of the top stories for each newspaper.

With black London cabbies staging a protest in London today at 2PM (11/06/2014) for the fight against UBER not being restricted by legislation, the cabbies have provided continuous profile for the feather-ruffling taxi app.


London will come to a standstill at 2PM with cabbies blocking Trafalgar Square, however social networking sites will be flooded with updates on why UBER should or shouldn’t be allowed to continue as it is.

UBER even took advantage of the current surge in press, personalising an iconic black cab with its logo. Guess they’re not worried!


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