Penalty shootout practice installed in urinals across London

By on Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Captain Morgans have launched their World Cup campaign, inviting male fans across the capital to embrace their football fantasies in an unlikely place. Interactive screens have been installed above urinals. People can play a penalty shooutout themed game where balls explode out of a cannon, all whilst using the toilet facilities. Taking motion sensor games in a very different direction, you control the direction by urinating.

Once you are finished, you can sign your name onto the leaderboard and tweet your score, hopefully having washed your hands first. The stunt is a great opportunity to get the attention of the masculine target audience for its rum and have a little ridiculous fun at the same time.



The stunt ties in to their campaign to reassure England fans that the new World Cup ball will not damage their chances in Brazil as feared. They have tested the ball by firing it out of cannons and released a video to publicise their beach shenanigans.

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