#BrazilianNoShow – Heineken’s challenge for bosses in America.

By on Friday, June 27, 2014

As football or as known in the US, soccer becomes more prominent for the US audience, people are bumped with a dilemma when they try to watch the games, as most of them happen during local working hours.

Heineken figured that the key players in this equation are the bosses, which are the target audience for the #BrazilianNoShow challenge. This action promises to reward companies with Heineken beer, for companies who give their employees free time to watch the game.

Nuno Teles (who is Portuguese), Heineken’s CMO details the inner-workings of this campaign in a video, which you can watch above.  As he describes,  people find themselves in a “sticky situation – trying to decide between working or watching the game”.  They invite companies to join Heineken, by having the boss send a tweet to @heineken_us  and tell them when they will allow their employees to pull what they are calling a Brazilian No Show (#BrazilianNoShow), allowing employees to enjoy a World Cup game to be considered for the reward.

This is an US only campaign and the Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Involved Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Source: Exame

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