Bic is globally crowdsourcing to create a ‘universal font’

By on Friday, June 13, 2014

In order to create a ‘universal font’, pen maker Bic is asking the public to contribute digital handwriting samples.

bic universal font

The idea behind The Universal Typeface Experiment is to create a font made from the collective sample of the world’s handwriting – which is just horrendously clever. Sometimes I think marketers are entirely wasted on brands. Our collective ability to solve problems could and probably should be use more often for more than shifting units of tat client products.

There have been more than 150,000 characters submitted from 48 different countries. Site visitors can sort the contributed examples by gender, age, country, handedness and industry.

Bic plans to unveil its universal typeface in August.

Involved agencies: DDB Dusseldorf and MediaMonks


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