A Cap for a Call – Coca-Cola Happiness.

By on Monday, June 2, 2014

Our friends at Coca-Cola have done it again, and found a way to capture a whole new set of hearts and smiles.

Famous for their Coke Machine “random acts of kindness”, the drinks company has this time given away calls, not Coca-Cola, for free to migrant workers in Dubai.

As you will see in the video below, Coca-Cola asks their prospective audience to exchange/recycle a Coca-Cola bottle cap in return for a free 3 minute phone call to a person of the callers choice. It may seem like nothing to us in the western world but, according to the video, a migrant worker in Dubai earns around $6 a day, and calls can cost up to $0.91 per minute.

Coca-Cola has yet again pt the power of it’s brand reputation and name into the spotlight by activley encouraging people to interact with their brand. Using a common element, in this case the bottle cap, and a catalyst for brand interaction, reaction and conversation.

Coca-Cola seem to be fuelling their brand image with “Happiness” at the minute focussing brand stunts around that central theme. To see the brand at work please see the video below.



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