The Burger King Motel: Encouraging fowl infidelity

By on Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sexualising the guilt involved in eating greasy burgers and deep-fat-fried chips is of course nothing new, however the creative minds behind Burger King have taken things to another literal level as they sling open the doors on the world first BK Motel

Created by ad agency Colenso BBDO in Auckland as part of  the ‘guilty pleasures’ brand campaign to promote the corporation’s newest range of chicken burgers, customers are being encouraged to quite literally “cheat on beef”.

In a bold move to gain more recognition for menu items outside of their iconic ground cow in a bun burgers, the modified motel comes complete with BK booths where diners can indulge in fowl fantasies and gorge on poultry in private.

Wonderfully executed in typically brave BK style, guests can immerse themselves in the seedy world of fried chicken, as each room is carefully kitted out with BK branded toiletries and dressing gowns, as well as the cheap-red-plastic chrome tables and chairs. With the ultimate aim a simple social elevation of the ad; customers are heavily encouraged to share their experiences on twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #MotelBK. What’s more, the response has been excellent, spreading quickly across firstly NZ and subsequently overseas.


Most amazing of all however is the fact that the success of the campaign isn’t based in anyway on any sense of originality having, as it was, been originally rolled out as an incredibly similar TV ad only a few years ago in both the US and the UK. With a relatively short time in-between and a good few thousand miles apart, the original campaign garnered controversy and great sales as a result.

Just goes to show, a little tweak here and a hashtag there and there’s still very much a place for the shameless rehashing of old ideas, as long as you leave it long enough.


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