‘Speed Freaks’ attend their own funerals

By on Tuesday, April 15, 2014

You often wonder what your own funeral will be like but you never think you will ever get the chance to actually experience it. These people did.

The Belgian Road Safety Institute have produced a new campaign ‘Go Below Zero’ to try and stop drivers from speeding. 6 people were under the impression that they were going to meet their friends, however they were led into a room where they were seated to be a part of their own funeral.

In the video we see their family members giving an eulogy of their lives after they have died as a consequence of their speeding, ending with a very emotional plea for them to change their behaviour.

There is no doubt that this is very hard hitting but it definitely makes you stop and think. The video has gained over 2 million views in just a week, you can watch the video below. How would you react?

Via Design Taxi
Agency: 20something

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