Saving Energy – The Latex Way

By on Sunday, March 23, 2014

In a surprising partnership Earth Hour has teamed up with Durex to raise awareness of both the organisation and the brand.

Entitled #TurnOffToTurnOn, the campaign asks users to turn of all electrical devices and appliances and to start paying attention to their partners again.  The link between our online/immediate social interaction age and “real world” relationships is played upon throughout the short video below – which provides a variety of examples of relationships which are being affected by technology- from those on first dates to those in the back of their wedding limo:

Using Earth Hour as a base for the campaign’s concept Durex has created content which not only educates but engages at the same time. Durex highlights these issues in a playful way to make a poignant video, which works well to appeal to not only the younger, but the older generations as well. The video description on YouTube reads:

This is a global wake-up call from Durex.

It’s time for tech lovers to switch off and reconnect for Earth Hour 2014.
On March 29th at 8.30pm we will #TurnOffToTurnOn
Watch the video and then join our movement…

We believe nothing should get in the way of great sex.
So let’s log off and switch off.
Escape the screen to embrace the dark.
See less to feel more.
Together we will #TurnOffToTurnOn

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Earth Hour is on March 29th from 8:30-9:30pm across the globe.

Read more: Earth Hour site

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