Park posters scented with dog food in ‘barketing’ campaign

By on Monday, March 24, 2014

To promote its new  ‘socials’ events – and in particular, its ‘Bark in the Park’ event on the 5th of April (more info here) – has unveiled a ‘barketing’ campaign to attract the attention of passers-by and their dogs.

barketing bark in the park

Adverts with details of the event are being placed around London’s Battersea Park, with separate posters at eye-level for owners and their dogs. Cleverly, the posters at dog-level have been scented with a ‘beefy dog food’ aroma to make them irresistible to passing pooches (which reminds me of this recent direct mail campaign in which flyers were printed on catnip paper).

The first socials event – in a series aimed at bringing singles with shared interests together – ticks the charity box too, with 100% of the £5 cost going to dog’s welfare charity Dogs Trust. It also (sort-of) ticks the celeb box, with reality TV show Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson and her German Spitz Digby’s guaranteed presence.

Involved agency: Brands2Life

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