‘Do it for Denmark’ – an alternative solution to low birth rates

By on Friday, March 28, 2014

“Denmark faces a problem – The birthrate is at a 27 year low”

This is how a new advert for the danish travel agency SPIES starts, and they have a untraditional solution. Because Denmark’s problem also becomes SPIES’ problem – less Danes born means less Danes travelling.

This funny commercial with a very serious sales pitch has already been spotted by TIME, The Independent and The Washington Post

The commercial shows a young girl, born and raised in Denmark but ‘made’ in Paris. With 10% of danish children conceived on vacations and Danes have 46% more sex on vacations compared to everyday life. To help the problem and provide some motivation, the travel agency is offering a chance to win 3 years worth of baby stuff and a children friendly holiday.. If you prove you’ve conceived a child when booking a travel with their ‘Ovulation discount’.

Watch the video below.

Note: SPIES Travels is a brand under the Thomas Cook Group.

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