12-sided Jaffa Cakes ‘unveiled’ in response to new £1 coin

By on Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Today, on the UK’s annual Budget day, a new 12-sided £1 coin has been announced. It quite literally is a case of something shiny to distract the masses from the more important, but comparatively MUCH duller, governmental announcements. The new coin will be introduced in 2017. Look at it – I mean, this is totally worth the level of overexcited ‘OMIGOD NEW COOOOOIIIIIIN’ hysteria we’ve seen this morning:

one pound coin

To piggyback on the news, McVitie’s mocked up this quick social-media friendly 12-sided Jaffa Cake image and humorously replied to the Royal Mint’s announcement tweet in which it declared the new coin would help to reduce counterfeiting:

Whatever Oreos can do, Jaffa Cakes (which are better in every single way) can do bet- well, as well.

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