Did a local injury lawyer make the best advert of the Super Bowl?

By on Tuesday, February 4, 2014

jamiecasinoIt looks like the trailer for a new American law drama but in fact it’s probably the most metal advert for a personal injury lawyer that’s ever been made.

Jamie Casino (how good is that name?!) a former defense lawyer from Savannah, Georgia and now injury attorney made this two-minute long advert telling the story of supposedly Damascan conversion following the death of his brother. It aired on his local networks during the recent Super Bowl but has since gone viral worldwide.

The Super Bowl is famous for launching some of the biggest and most inventive TV advertising campaigns in the US but it seems all the big spenders this year – Audi, Coca-Cola, Dannon, Cheerios, Budweiser, etc – have been outdone. The video has already reached almost 2million views on Youtube, comparing favourably to Coke’s and Cheerios’ 4.5m each , and Dannon’s 5.5m, even if it currently trails Bud’s 41m.

The worldwide attention probably doesn’t mean much directly to Jamie Casino but the fact of that attention will be all over the local news and Jamie will known locally as ‘the guy who’s video went global’ no doubt helping his business no end.

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