Coca-Cola creates ‘invisible’ vending machine only couples can see in Valentine’s stunt

By on Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oh Coke, you never fail to spread a bit of joy do you? The soft drink’s latest playful stunt comes in the form of an ‘invisible’ vending machine that only reveals itself when a couple walks past.

Set up on a street on Valentine’s Day, the hidden machine lights up, screens lots of schmaltzy visuals of Coca-Cola and hearts, and serenades the couple before asking for their names. The spectacle ends by producing a personalised can of coke with each of their names printed on them.


How this works when a brother and sister are walking past I don’t know, and there is also of course the risk of isolating lonely singletons, however this is a great, simple idea that really embodies the feel-good factor the brand tries to embody.

Take a look at the stunt here:

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