Slam Dunk for Google Glass

By on Thursday, January 23, 2014

The 24th January 2014 marks the date that Google Glass made its first foray into the world of sport, taking to the court as part of tomorrow’s NBA match-up between the Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers.

Although the players on the court themselves will continue to use their good old fashioned brand of 20/20 vision, everyone from their bench bound teammates to the mascot and nubile squad of cheerleaders will be providing a POV experience – beamed live to the big screens around the stadium.

Analysed, managed and curated by software specialists CrowdOptic, this real time ‘fan’s eye view’ of proceedings to the crowd, the move into using Google Glass marks a watershed in way viewers will be able to consume  live entertainment in real time.

Although very much in its infancy with regard to the commercialisation of wearable tech in sport, suggestions are that the proliferation of a more personalised view of this onscreen world is inevitability – whether watching via TV, big screen or smartphones.

Sacramento Kings President Chris Granger said “Fans could simply aim their smart devices to inherit someone else’s Google Glass view, or evaluate concessions lines. It is just a matter of time before Google Glass is an integral part of the fan experience of watching live sports.”

Here’s the preview of how the whole darn shooting match is supposed to work…

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