“Is this the world’s greatest press release?” ask the Metro

By on Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Metro’s Joel Taylor tweeted this an hour or so ago, including the following picture:

Press release cake

It’s a press release. On a festive cake. With as many stats as there is icing.

In this post on the Metro, Matthew Champion wrote ‘Journalists like to pretend to be grumpy at people who work in the PR industry, but sometimes they can’t help but give them grudging respect’, noting that ‘website Voucher Codes Pro sent ‘a small number of elite journalists’ their latest release emblazoned on a Victoria Sponge with (very) generous helpings of icing’.

It appears that the VoucherCodesPro team is going door to door with the cakes, feeding journalists at Press Association, Digital Spy, Buzzfeed and more.

From chocolate press releases (to promote the Willy Wonka stage show, of course) to sending sinister and vaguely threatening Santa messages to TechCrunch writers, PRs are always thinking of new ways to get journalists onside and this cakey one seems to have hit the mark.

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