Greenpeace: Santa in peril

By on Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Be honest, who amongst us has not wanted to see a Cloverfield / Blair Witch / The Santa Claus mashup? Rudolf is overrated – what we really need is a cross Father Christmas in a cell with bad lighting and water dripping ominously in the background.

Greenpeace has delivered (and it’s even netted Downton Abbey’s Mr Carson for the main – well, only – role).

The video shows a rather peeved looking Santa warning that he might have to cancel Christmas because climate change is destroying his home (and business operations). I don’t know if it’s the lighting, the echoing drip of the water or the scarily deep voice of actor Jim Carter, but the ad succeeds in being rather scary.

It might be one of the most depressing Christmas ads this year – but will it be the most effective?

Source: The Drum and Campaign Live

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