Tikker Death Clock: Making Every Second Count

By on Sunday, October 13, 2013

A group of Swedish creatives have only gone and created a wearable version of the fabled ‘Death Clock’, known only as  Tikker.

You know the one, counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until the moment you die.

Why? Good question. The answer, forcing the wearer treasure every second like it were their last (or so they say) – providing a constant reminder that life is fleeting and pushing them to make the most of what they have now.

This morbid timepiece works by asking users to fill-out a questionnaire centering around factors like activity levels, BMI and where the wearer lives – before subtracting their age from the final result to get his or her “death date.”

Rather helpfully Tikker also has a revolutionary function that allows you to look at it and.. tell the time (nice!).

Get the feeling that this macabre little clock is something of a gimmick from this barmy band of ‘designers, free-thinkers, lovers and life-afficionados’  raising funds on Kickstarter for their labour of love.

Here’s the video of how it works and remember, time is ticking away…


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