Nominate your mates to get ‘fright mobbed’ in Morphsuit Hallowe’en campaign

By on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

To promote their genital nub-tacular outfits in the build-up to Hallowe’en, Morphsuits has worked up a campaign based around, basically, scaring the shite out of your friends.

fright mob morphsuits

To launch the project, the ‘Fright Mob’, made up of zombies, zombie pirates, surgeons and a other assorted monsters, were unleashed on the Victoria line on the London Underground at midnight a couple of Mondays ago:

Every week on Twitter until the 31st, members of the public are  invited to nominate their friends to be ‘fright mobbed’ using the hashtag #FrightMobMyMate.

The first video has been released, after a guy called Stephen Lawton tweeted to nominate his friend who had let him down in favour of a gym session (understandable). The clown suit is my personal favourite:

I’m sure there have been and will be some great Hallowe’en stunts – and I’m a big fan of any reason to play a prank, so be sure to email me or tweet me @RichLeighPR with any stunts or campaigns you see and/or are working on yourself.

Involved agency: Manifest London

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