Haunted vending machine provides trick AND treat in fun Kellogg’s PR stunt

By on Monday, October 28, 2013

To launch their ‘Malloween’ and ‘Totally Shocklately’ Rice Krispie Squares, Kellogg’s Ireland installed a ‘haunted’ vending machine in the Dublin Institute of Technology university campus and CHQ, a shopping centre in Dublin’s financial district.

The machine promised free Rice Krispie ‘Scares’, proving to be both a trick and a treat for users as a ghostly hand grabbed at those hoping for an altogether gratis lunch.

The stunt was (perhaps purposefully) leaked, making the front page of Reddit, as well as featuring on 9GAG (the ‘smallest office in the world‘), the Facebook page of the uni and a few other sites when the guy inside the machine (DJ Marcus Olaoire) posed for this photo:

rice crispy squares vending machine

Involved agency: Boys & Girls

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