Company responds to employee’s ‘I quit’ video with one of its own

By on Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You may have heard about the employee who was so frustrated with her job that she quit via a video that has gone viral. Well now meet its counterpoint in the form of a rebuttal from the company in which colleagues cheerfully wish her well – and remind viewers that they’re now hiring.

Marina Shifrin, 25, was so frustrated with her job at Next Media Animation in Taiwan that she filmed herself dancing to Kanye West’s ‘Gone’, with subtitles appearing to detail the reasons for her resignation.

Her video has acquired over 8 million hits, and now her former bosses and colleagues have responded with a version of their own, also accompanied by the song ‘Gone’. In this they wish her good luck, as well as taking the opportunity to illustrate the bonuses of working for Next Media Animation, a rooftop swimming pool among them.

The video was released yesterday (1 October) and has currently acquired nearly 350,000 views. A cynic would say that this whole thing is a cunning PR gimmick, though you have to admit it’d be a dangerous game to play given that the initial video is so negative. Still this could be a rare case of no PR is bad PR since the company is now being talked about across the globe, and has a huge platform from which to communicate its benefits.

Thus far this has been picked up by Metro, but it’ll be interesting to see if the response receives anywhere near as many hits as the initial video – watch this space.

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