¡¿ Viva La Restaurant Revolution !? – eatery exclusively serves conflict zone cuisine

By on Sunday, August 25, 2013

The hungry people of Pittsburgh have been ditching diplomacy and waging a war on gastronomy with the launch of ‘Conflict Kitchen’ – a one-of-a-kind restaurant exclusively serving food from countries the US is in conflict with.

Open seven days a week, the ever-changing menu and identity is dictated by geopolitical relations and US foreign policy – alternating every few months and enhanced “by events, performances, and discussions that seek to expand the engagement the public has with the culture, politics, and issues at stake within the focus country”


Located deep behind enemy lines in the heart of the city, the Conflict Kitchen has to date served Iranian, Afghani and Venezuelan cuisine. Now in its fourth iteration, the Cuban character of the current eatery sees customers introduced to the cuisine of an immigrant people that that currently make up around 0.6% of the US population.

Created in collaboration with the city’s Cuban community, each item of food is beautifully wrapped in packaging adorned in interviews and articles from an array of Cubans – covering an array of hot-topics that stir up debate and raise awareness of issues often missed by the politically unaware. As one of the USA’s most culturally analogous conurbations, the owners of have tried to create something that transcends eating and constructs a space of cultural diversity for the city.

Upcoming permutations promise a culinary journey through the gourmandise of border conflicted nations North/South Korea and Palestine/Israel.

FireShot Screen Capture #009 - 'Conflict Kitchen' - conflictkitchen_org

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